It’s no surprise that you’ve pulled out your toolbelt because the lights started to flicker and your spouse wants it fixed before the guests arrive.

You’ve always fixed things yourself, so why stop now? Why would you pay someone to do something that you can do for free?

See, there’s the issue already.

You’ve decided to place money before your safety on the priorities list.
But what if something went wrong?

There have been countless news reports of house fires caused by faulty electrical wiring. Some of these jobs might have been done professionally. But unfortunately, the majority of them were done by an unlicensed party.

That’s why it is extremely important that electrical work is being carried out by a professional. We, at Detector Inspector, are here to provide you with five reasons why you should always hire a qualified electrician.

1) Health and Safety

Electricity has the potential to cause injury or even death. If you do your own domestic electrical work, you can put yourself at risk which can be fatal. Electrocution incidents can cause permanent burn injuries to your skin, internal tissues and damage to the heart. Most importantly, it can damage the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the nervous system.

2) Money

The thought of doing your own DIY job seems tempting and cost-efficient. However, what if we told you it was the exact opposite? Do you have a guarantee that your electrical repairs will sufficiently last for days, months or even years? It can be extremely easy to overlook wear and tear, which can eventually lead to replacing expensive parts or replacing the entire electrical system. Sad to say, but this could have been avoided much earlier on.

3) Misdiagnoses

If you don’t have the education of an electrician, you may rely on Youtube videos to provide information on how to fix your problem. How can you properly diagnose or repair the problem if you’re not sure what it is? This is extremely time-consuming and may cause a bigger issue than what you began with.

4) Get it Right

In order to fix your electrical issue, you are required to have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to pinpoint the precise nature of your electrical problem. A lack of knowledge can increase the risk of mistakes and therefore can increase the risk of injury and unfortunately even death.

5) It’s Illegal

Changing light bulbs can usually be done without too much fuss. But did you know that if you attempt to do your own wiring without a license, you could potentially receive a fine up to $100,000? The penalties can become more severe involving two years of jail time due to a cause of an injury or death.

When in doubt, give us a call. This is what we do, this is who we are.
Providing safety for the whole family.